ABQ Resistance

How to Prepare to Speak & Write to Gain Influence using the E.P.I.C. model


Engage – Head and Heart – use a personal example – my child has dyslexia…

Present – The Problem – our schools are not responsive…

nform – The solution you propose – require a time-frame for…

Call – Call to action – Will you sign onto the bill… If the answer is NO What can you agree to?


Thank them for their time

Ask them:

When you can check back with you to get results.

Can we have a copy of the action made?

How can we support you in this effort?


We are Protectors so we talk about:

Health not healthcare

Land and water not Environment

Reclaiming Democracy not Republicans

Learning Opportunities not Education


This format can be used not only when you meet with a MoC but if you write an Op-Ed or letter to the editor.