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Indivisible Nob Hill Weekly Meeting

Dennis Dinge, is running for congress in New Mexico's 1st district. Dennis is an astrophysicist, but more importantly he is a man of remarkable intelligence, kindness and integrity.(Max Weiss) I’ve lived in Albuquerque since 2006 and love my adopted city and the surrounding state. I’ve made a lot of good friends here. For a science geek who is into the outdoors, Albuquerque is about as good as it gets.
I’ve hiked, hunted, biked and camped all over this state. I met my wife Rhea while leading a hike in the Sandia Mountains. She is an APS science teacher and an amazing and intelligent woman. When Rhea and I were married, I became the step father to two wonderful, young, and very energetic boys, Diego and Milo. To be sure, my adoptive home has problems that need to be solved. But the people here are resilient, intelligent and hard working. I envision a future where our worst problems are in the past. Diego, Milo and your children will live in that future. We will create it.

Wednesday July 5th 5:30 pm

Dennis Dinge will Speak
Canvas Artistry - Kitchen Bar Art Music

3120 Central Ave SE, ABQ NM 87106